Saturday, January 31, 2009

Street Team!

Killer collab between me and Shawn Alleyne. This came together nicely - we had talked about doing something together, the Street Team topic came up, and here we are. This is a group of various creator-owned "Street Level" (non-powered) heroes.

Starring (starting with big #99, then going clockwise):
DODGER created by "That Strictly Kid"
BLACKBIRD created by Charlie-Fab
STALKER & BEAR created by Stanley Weaver
TIGER created by Mase
AARON created by Shawn

Pencils and inks by Shawn Alleyne --link-- If you're going to the New York Comic Con next weekend (Feb 6-8), Shawn will be there with these posters and a bunch of other cool stuff.

I'm hard at work putting together the full-size print edition of Urban Shogun. I'm about 10% done I think.

Stay tuned!