Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Days Are Just Packed

As you can see, I’m a Dad now. The new lady in my life is a bossy one, so I need to put this site in park for a bit while I’m getting used to the new life.

I've had a great time making this comic over the years, and I hope you've gotten a bit of enjoyment out of reading it, too. I hesitate to say that the comic is OVER, but it will be taking a back seat for awhile. I'm planning on collecting the issues into 2 printed books, with the first being available sometime this year.

I'll throttle down to quarterly updates, as I'm sure I'll still be updating in some fashion. After so many years, I couldn't stop if I wanted to! Big thanks to everyone who read and especially to everyone who contributed:

Tariq Hassan (Pencils/Inks: Phoenix Epilogue)
Alpha Woods (Pencils/Inks: Snake Venom)
Churro (Martial Arts Help)
Andy Runton (Pencils/Inks for the never released "Panther Style". It was awesome!)
Stanley Weaver (Pencils for the group poster)
Phil Bob (Pin-up)
Jaro Alva (Pin-up)
William Colbert (Pin-up)
Missy T (Pin-up)
D'Mario McDonald (Pin-up)
Oscar Padilla (Pin-up)
John Paul Leon (Pin-up)
Matty Field (Pin-up)
William Anderson (Pin-up)
Spyda (Pin-up)
D. Silver (Pin-up)
Will Mangin (Pin-up)
Mike Barnes (Pin-up)
Joseph Hernandez (Pin-up)

Also, many thanks to the forums and online communities that have helped me out so much:

I've met a ton of artist who've helped me out and influenced my style (whether they knew it or not) - too many to list here in fact, but Dawud Anyabwile, Brian Stelfreeze and Cully Hamner have had a huge impact on my work and progress as an artist.

Thanks again everyone - I’m OUT!