Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Urban Shogun Art Contest!

The first Urban Shogun Art Contest starts NOW! Entries due at the end of the month! Cash and Prizes! More info here: Have fun!
- Mase

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'll be a guest at OnyxCon this Saturday, August 15th.

I haven't been able to appear at any conventions since my first daughter was born over a year ago, so I'm pretty pumped. Even better - the first shipment of Urban Shogun Volume 1 comics are in, and they look incredible (if I do say so myself). 48 full-color pages! This show will mark the full-sized comic debut, and I'm psyched to see how people receive it. I'll also have some posters and be doing sketches and maybe some caricatures too, so feel free to swing by my table.

This is the first year of OnyxCon, so please come out and show your support. There will be some AMAZING artists there, including Dawud Anyabwile from BrotherMan!

If you're in the Atlanta area, I hope to see you there,


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Street Team!

Killer collab between me and Shawn Alleyne. This came together nicely - we had talked about doing something together, the Street Team topic came up, and here we are. This is a group of various creator-owned "Street Level" (non-powered) heroes.

Starring (starting with big #99, then going clockwise):
DODGER created by "That Strictly Kid"
BLACKBIRD created by Charlie-Fab
STALKER & BEAR created by Stanley Weaver
TIGER created by Mase
AARON created by Shawn

Pencils and inks by Shawn Alleyne --link-- If you're going to the New York Comic Con next weekend (Feb 6-8), Shawn will be there with these posters and a bunch of other cool stuff.

I'm hard at work putting together the full-size print edition of Urban Shogun. I'm about 10% done I think.

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Poster

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

I've added a new poster to the Store section of the site. This image was done for an art show in Japan - Nippon in Black - an exhibition about the African-American presence in manga. Big thanks to John Jennings for letting me be a part of it. I heard the show went great - sorry I couldn't show up personally.

There are also a couple of new pieces in the Gallery section. Thanks to M. Rasheed and Kris Mosby for the new editions - be sure to check 'em out!

At the moment, I'm collecting several of the online episodes into a print volume - I'll have post updates here as it progresses.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Charity Event

I'll be drawing caricatures at the 1st Annual Truth Fighters Masquerade Ball at the Artistry on November 1st. All proceeds will benefit the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry campaign. If you're in ATL, come on through.
Big thanks to Fitzroy James for letting me join in. Doors open at 8:30 - I'll probably be there till about 1.

ALSO, I'll have an Urban Shogun related update before the end of the year.

Keep watchin',

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Days Are Just Packed

As you can see, I’m a Dad now. The new lady in my life is a bossy one, so I need to put this site in park for a bit while I’m getting used to the new life.

I've had a great time making this comic over the years, and I hope you've gotten a bit of enjoyment out of reading it, too. I hesitate to say that the comic is OVER, but it will be taking a back seat for awhile. I'm planning on collecting the issues into 2 printed books, with the first being available sometime this year.

I'll throttle down to quarterly updates, as I'm sure I'll still be updating in some fashion. After so many years, I couldn't stop if I wanted to! Big thanks to everyone who read and especially to everyone who contributed:

Tariq Hassan (Pencils/Inks: Phoenix Epilogue)
Alpha Woods (Pencils/Inks: Snake Venom)
Churro (Martial Arts Help)
Andy Runton (Pencils/Inks for the never released "Panther Style". It was awesome!)
Stanley Weaver (Pencils for the group poster)
Phil Bob (Pin-up)
Jaro Alva (Pin-up)
William Colbert (Pin-up)
Missy T (Pin-up)
D'Mario McDonald (Pin-up)
Oscar Padilla (Pin-up)
John Paul Leon (Pin-up)
Matty Field (Pin-up)
William Anderson (Pin-up)
Spyda (Pin-up)
D. Silver (Pin-up)
Will Mangin (Pin-up)
Mike Barnes (Pin-up)
Joseph Hernandez (Pin-up)

Also, many thanks to the forums and online communities that have helped me out so much:

I've met a ton of artist who've helped me out and influenced my style (whether they knew it or not) - too many to list here in fact, but Dawud Anyabwile, Brian Stelfreeze and Cully Hamner have had a huge impact on my work and progress as an artist.

Thanks again everyone - I’m OUT!